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E82 Refractory Window Profiles & Systems

ISO9001, CE, IFT, SKZ, SGS Certified.

ECO-Friendly and Lead-Free.

German High UV Resistance Formula.

8000 Hours Xenon Tested.

System Uf 0.90~1.0 W/㎡·K

Wall Thickness 2.80mm.

in Standard White or Various Colors.

Available for Refractory Windows & Ordinary Energy Saving Windows.

Model: 82mm refractory window systems

Brand: DIMEX

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Product Description

DIMEX E82und is a top- performance Refractory window system which is designed as per European standard EN12608. This series is a German 7 chambers 3 seals structure with transverse chambers and stiffeners designed to prevent sinking of the inner chamber. The glass groove of E82 is equipped with o-type sealing strip to block convection and greatly improves the sealing performance of Windows. And it effectively alleviates the heat conduction, improve the sound insulation and thermal insulation effect. This series of special fire system structure, in the opening part of the fan added three "interpenetration expansion strip" slot. Each piece of glass is equipped with a "fiberglass clip" and a SS304 stainless steel fireproof strip is added in the opening part to connect with the steel reinforcement.

An innovative 3-level center seal gasket design keeps out noise, cold, damp and strong wind. The E82 features a specially designed, Uf optimized 7-chamber geometry for excellent thermal insulation. Custom-made steel reinforcements provide structural strength for large windows and combination windows, often used in high-rise buildings, but still enables a Uf of 0.9~1.1 W/m2·K including steel reinforcements. The glazing depth of 24mm adds extra insulation between glass and frames. In combination with high-performing glass this prevents water condensation on the inside of the window.


(1)System depth 83mm – 7 Chambers

(2)System Uf 0.90~1.10 W/㎡·K

(3)Air tightness Grade 8 [ q1 ≤0.5m3/(m·h); q2 ≤1.5m3/(㎡·h) ]

(4)Water tightness Gr.6 (∆P ≥ 700)

(5)Wind load resistance performance: above Grade 8 (P3 ≥ 4.5 KPa)

(6)Sound insulation Gr.5 (Rw + Ctr ≥ 400dB; Rw + C ≥ 400dB)

(7)Heat preservation Gr.10 (K< 1.1 W/㎡·K)

① Excellent air tightness and thermal insulation performance

②Advanced "hidden hinges" can be assembled

③Fire and flame retardant function

④Screw socket transom(mullion)

⑤The hardware is versatile and easy to select and assemble.

⑥Glazing wideth range from 30mm to 51mm

Color Options:

A. Standard White (High UV Resistance).

B. Full Color (Homogeneous).

C. Laminated.