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E195 Inowa High Air Tightness Sliding Door System

ISO9001, CE, IFT, SKZ, SGS Certified.

ECO Freindly and Lead-Free.

German High UV Resistance Formula.

8000 Hours Xenon Tested.

System Uf 0.90~1.2 W/㎡·K.

Wall Thickness 3.0mm.

in Standard White or Various Colors.

Brand: DIMEX

Model: 195mm sliding door systems

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Product Description

DIMEX E195 inowa high air tight door system is the most innovative uPVC door system which is designed & developed jointly by DIMEX and ROTO Germany. It combines the advantages of sliding and casement systems. Custom-made sliding hardware from ROTO inowa was incorporated in the development of the E195 system. This series is a high performance system designed in combination with aluminum and plastic. Large aluminum low threshold, high inside and low outside, not only to ensure the water tightness and enhance the texture, and greatly improve the anti-trampling performance. E195 door frame with enhanced aluminum lining to ensure precision and screw process. It can meet the large size of sliding door installation, and convenient transportation and field assembly. It is achieved the effect of casement door in air tightness, water tightness, heat preservation, sound insulation and so on.

A movable sash is installed on the outside, which improves water tightness and air tightness and facilitates the installation of screen door on the inside. A variety of materials is applied. For example ,the door sash is welded while the frame and mullion is screwed joint.So it’s easy to transport and install. The single sash can bear 250kgs, and it looks simple, beautiful and generous. The E195 system uses hidden hardware with active locking points on all 4 sides of the sash. It can be forced to lock, ensuring the highest safety and sealing performance.


1.In a joint development with ROTO Germany, custom-made sliding hardware from ROTO INOWA was incorporated in the development of the E195 system, allowing an all-around sash sealing by gasgets

2.System depth 195mm – 10 Chambers E195 Inowa High Air Tightness Sliding Door Systems supplier- DIMEX

3.System Uf 0.90~1.20 W/㎡·K

4.Air tightness Grade 8 [ q1 ≤0.5m3/(m·h); q2 ≤1.5m3/(㎡·h) ]

5.Water tightness Gr.6 (∆P ≥ 700)

6.Wind pressure resistance above Grade.8 (P3 ≥ 4.5 KPa)

7.Sound insulation Gr.5 (Rw + Ctr ≥ 400dB; Rw + C ≥ 400dB)

8.Heat preservation Gr.10 (K< 1.1 W/㎡·K)

9.Glazing 20mm to 49mm

Color Options:

A. Standard White (High UV Resistance).

B. Full Color (Homogeneous).

C. Laminated.