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Terracotta Panel Curtain Wall System

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Product Description

Introduction to Terracotta Panel Curtain Wall System

Terracotta panel curtain wall is a component curtain wall, usually composed of horizontal materials or horizontal and vertical materials plus clay panels. In addition to the basic characteristics of conventional glass, stone, and aluminum panel curtain walls, due to the characteristics of clay, advanced processing technology and scientific control methods, it has unique advantages in appearance and performance. Due to the light weight of ceramic panels, the supporting structure requirements of ceramic panel curtain walls are simpler and lighter than stone curtain walls, saving the supporting costs of curtain walls.

Features of Terracotta Panel Curtain Wall System

The raw material of the clay panel is natural clay, without any other ingredients, and will not cause any pollution to the air. The color of the ceramic panel is completely the natural color of the clay, which is green and environmentally friendly, has no radiation, has a mild color, and will not cause light pollution. Moreover, there are as many as 14 optional colors for the ceramic panel, which can meet the color selection requirements of architectural designers and owners.

Installation principle of clay panel curtain wall system

The clay panel curtain wall is fixed to the internal structure through special fasteners, and joints are installed in the vertical joint gaps. This structure has three functions:

1. Resistant to rain impact;

2. Preventing the lateral movement of the clay panel;

3. Shock absorption, that is, in the case of wind, the joints will produce a gentle thrust on the clay panel, which can avoid making noise.