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Respiratory Curtain Wall System

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Product Description

Introduction to Respiratory Curtain Wall System

Breathing curtain wall, also known as double-layer curtain wall, double-layer ventilation curtain wall, heat channel curtain wall, etc., is composed of two curtain walls, inner and outer. A relatively closed space is formed between the inner and outer curtain walls. Air can enter from the lower air inlet and leave this space from the upper air outlet. This space is often in an air flow state, and heat flows in this space.

Features of  Respiratory Curtain Wall System

A ventilation layer is formed between the inner and outer curtain walls. Due to the circulation or circulation of air in this ventilation layer, the temperature of the inner curtain wall is close to the indoor temperature, reducing the temperature difference. Therefore, it saves 42%-52% of energy when heating and 38%-60% of energy when cooling compared to traditional curtain walls. Excellent sound insulation performance, up to 55dB.

Classification of Respiratory Curtain Wall System

1. Closed internal circulation systemrespiratory curtain wall

The closed internal circulation system breathing curtain wall is generally used in areas with colder winters. Its outer layer is generally completely closed, and is generally composed of thermal insulation profiles and hollow glass as the outer glass curtain wall. Its inner layer is generally a glass curtain wall composed of single-layer glass or openable windows to facilitate cleaning of the outer curtain wall.

2. Open external circulation systemrespiratory curtain wall

The outer layer of the open external circulation system breathing curtain wall is a glass curtain wall composed of single-layer glass and non-insulating profiles, and the inner layer is a curtain wall composed of hollow glass and thermal insulation profiles. The ventilation layer formed by the inner and outer curtain walls is equipped with air inlet and exhaust devices at both ends, and sunshade devices such as blinds can also be set in the channel.