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PV Curtain Wall System

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Product Description

Introduction to PV Curtain Wall System

Solar photovoltaic curtain wall (roof) system is a comprehensive system that integrates multiple disciplines such as photoelectric conversion technology, photovoltaic curtain wall construction technology, power storage and grid connection technology.

Functions of PV Curtain Wall System

In addition to the power generation function, the photovoltaic curtain wall (roof) system also has the necessary performance and unique decorative functions for building exterior protection, such as wind pressure resistance, watertightness, airtightness, sound insulation, heat preservation and sunshade. It achieves a perfect combination of building enclosure, building energy saving, solar energy utilization and building decoration.

Features of PV Curtain Wall System

1. Pollution-free green renewable energy, reducing environmental pollution caused by conventional power generation, which is beneficial to environmental protection;

2. Perfect combination of building facade enclosure, energy saving, and solar energy conversion functions without occupying land resources;

3. On-site power generation and on-site use reduce power transmission losses;

4. Power supply during peak hours during the day to alleviate peak power demand;

5. Simple maintenance and low maintenance costs;

6. Reliable operation and good stability;

7. As a key component, solar cells have a long service life, and the life of crystalline silicon solar cells can reach more than 25 years.