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Full Glass Curtain Wall System

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Product Description

Introduction to the Full-Glass Curtain Wall System

The glass curtain wall made of glass panels and glass ribs is called a full-glass curtain wall. The glass itself is both a decorative component and a load-bearing component that bears its own mass load and wind load.

Features of the Full-Glass Curtain Wall System

Fully transparent, full view, and clear effect, which can make the indoor space and outdoor environment naturally harmonious.

Advantages ofFull-Glass Curtain Wall System

All-glass curtain wall is a fully transparent, full-view glass curtain wall. It uses the transparency of glass to pursue the flow and integration of the internal and external spaces of the building, so that people can clearly see the entire structural system of the glass through the glass, so that the structural system changes from a simple supporting role to showing its visibility, thereby showing the artistic sense, layering and three-dimensional sense of architectural decoration. It has the characteristics of light weight, simple material selection, factory processing, fast construction, convenient maintenance and repair, and easy cleaning. Its effect on enriching the facade effect of architectural shapes is unmatched by other materials, and it is the embodiment of modern technology in architectural decoration.