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Frame Curtain Wall System

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Product Description

Introduction to Frame Curtain Wall System

A glass curtain wall with a metal frame around the glass panel is called a frame curtain wall. It is divided into: exposed frame curtain wall, hidden frame curtain wall, and semi-hidden frame curtain wall according to the curtain wall form.

Features of Frame Wurtain Wall System

Frame glass curtain wall is flexible, convenient, simple to install, easy to adjust and disassemble, and easy to replace and maintain.

Installation Method of Frame Curtain Wall System

The vertical frame (or horizontal beam) of the frame curtain wall is first installed on the main structure, and then the horizontal beam (or vertical frame) is installed. The vertical frame and the horizontal beam form a frame. The panel material is processed into unit components in the factory and then fixed on the frame composed of vertical frame and horizontal beam. The load borne by the panel material unit component must be transferred to the main structure through the vertical frame (or horizontal beam). The more common form of this structure is: after the vertical frame and the horizontal beam are installed on site to form a frame, the panel material unit component is fixed on the frame. The panel material unit component is vertically connected to the column and horizontally connected to the horizontal beam, and the joint is treated with sealant to prevent rainwater penetration and air penetration.

The Main Node Forms of the Frame Curtain Wall System

1. Exposed frame: integral inlay groove type, combined inlay groove type, mixed inlay type;

2. Concealed frame: block type, full hanging type, semi-hanging type;

Semi-concealed frame: vertical exposed and horizontal concealed, vertical concealed and horizontal exposed.