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DIMEX (Taicang) Window Profile Co.,Ltd was established by DIMEX GmbH in 1999. As a leading manufacturer of uPVC WINDOW & DOOR PROFILES, we have won the certification of ISO9001 of TUV Rheinland, CE, IFT, SGS and SKZ. Persisting on German standards, implementation of the German formulation and production process, which makes our products quality of the international leading level.

As a pioneer and leader of European Window & Door profiles, DIMEX was the first manufacturer which proposed the concept of 'Heat insulation broken bridge on door & window' and produce aluminum insulation strips in the world. And also we were the first 80 Tit & Turn system U-PVC window profile's manufacturer in Europe.

We have established a complete inspection system according to European standard EN12608. The laboratory of DIMEX is equipped with more than 20 sets of test equipment, such as the most advanced high and low temperature alternating test chamber, thermal vicka softening temperature tester, welding Angle strength tester, digital projection measuring instrument and so on. It has reached the laboratory configuration requirements of similar enterprises in Europe. This ensures that the quality of DIMEX products meets the strict requirements of the international market.

After three phases of expansion, DIMEX (Taicang) has 45 fully automatic extrusion lines and an annual production capacity of 45,000 tons of high quality UPVC profiles.

DIMEX provides six categories(Lotos, Komfort, Peony, Edelweiss, Contour and Elegance) 16 series more than 150 varieties of uPVC profiles. We can achieve mass production of sliding window & door profiles in 55mm, 60mm, 70mm, 88mm, 107mm, 108mm, 127mm, 195mm. As well as all kinds of casement window & door profiles of AD35mm, AD60mm, MD65mm, MD72mm, MD82mm, MD90mm, and E65M & E82M Refractory window systems. We had introduced colorful laminated profiles, entire-body color profiles, ASA-PVC co-extruded color profiles through the cooperation with international famous enterprises such as BASF(Germany), CABOT(USA), CHEMSON(Austria), CERONAS(Germany), DuPont(USA), Honeywell(USA), Hanwha, LG Chem(Korea), LORIKA(UK), RENOLIT(Germany), SABIC, etc.

The full set of Plasmas mixing system & Krausmaffei extruder imported from Germany, and high speed molds from Greiner, Austria provided a strong guarantee for the profiles' quality. Adhering to the concept of "From Germany, serving the world", we bring a better living experience for people who love life all over the world.

"DIMEX would like to be a leading pioneer in uPVC profiles,
creator of profile market rules, and decider of market price! "