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EPDM Rubber Gasket

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Product Description


Sealing rubber gasket plays an important role in waterproof, sealing, sound insulation, dust prevention, frost prevention and warmth, energy saving in Windows and Doors. Therefore, it must have strong tensile strength, good elasticity, but also need better temperature resistance and aging resistance. In order to ensure the fastening of the rubber gasket and the profile, the section structure size of the rubber gasket must match the profile. Sealing rubber gasket are generally used for casement windows/doors, hanging Windows, folding doors and windows. The main function is dustproof, insect control, waterproof, sound insulation, sealing and so on.

The installation part of the brush gasket is generally on the sash of sliding window (door), the four sides of the frame and sash or the sealing bridge (wind block) to enhance the seal between the frame and sash. Specification of brush gasket is an important factor affecting the air tightness and water tightness performance of sliding door and window, and also an important factor affecting the switching force of door and window. It is not only difficult to assemble, but also increases the movement resistance of Windows/Doors, especially the initial resistance when opening and the final resistance when closing, if the size of the brush gasket is too large or the vertical hair is too high. The brush gasket is easy to slip out of the slot, so that the sealing performance of doors and Windows is greatly reduced, if the specification is too small, or the height of the vertical brush gasket is not enough.


The brush gasket come in silicified and non-silicified forms. The brush gasket have better effect in use after silication treatment, quality of the appearance of the brush gasket is straight on surface, bottom plate and vertical hair smooth, no bending, no pitting on the bottom plate, in line with the provisions of 0.2mm.

UPVC Window gaskets and seals can be easily replaced by many of our gaskets below. Bubble gaskets and flipper gaskets can be usually found on the frame part of an opening window and help keep the drafts and cold out.

Wedge Gasket tend to be found in older style frames and are wedge -shaped. This gasket goes between the glass and the sash frame and is pressed after the glass is fitted.

UPVC Door Gaskets and seals tend to be the flipper or bubble . If you are unsure of the actual seal you need for our double glazing, you can order our gasket samples pack. The pack comes with every kind of gasket , so you can try before you purchase.

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