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  • The president of DIMEX Group visited DIMEX Taicang.


    Mr. Jurgen Manfred Haug, General manager of the DIMEX GROUP GmbH, arrived in China recently for an official visit to Taicang City(his second hometown outside Germany). During his stay in Taicang, Haug visited the new office, insulation strip workshop and laboratory of DIMEX. He shook hands with the on-site staff one by one and brought the friendly greetings of DIMEX Group. Haug expressed satisfaction with the current development of the two plants in the China. At the same time, he also put forward higher standards for the future development of DIMEX in accordance with the standards and management concepts of similar German enterprises. Read More

  • DIMEX is setting a new course of globalization in the Middle East.


    At the end of February 2023, accompanied by the spring scenery, we welcomed a delegation from SINDBAD Group, a Middle Eastern client visit Xi ‘An. The client visited the headquarters of DIMEX, production base of DIMEX Window Profiles and Window fabrication Center successively. For DIMEX's whole indu Read More

  • Why Fixed Windows Are a Great Choice for Modern Homes


    A fixed window is a window that is fixed on the wall of a building and cannot be opened. It usually consists of a fixed window frame and a fixed glass panel, has no moving parts and cannot be opened or closed. Read More

  • Identification of insulation strips


    The thermal insulation strip of Dimex is in a black matte color, usually marked with trademark, product specifications, production batch number, and other laser spray codes on the strip body. Read More

  • Refractory Windows' Features


    A refractory window is a type of window that is able to remain intact through high heat and the spread of fire. Read More

  • Insulation strips play an important role in windoor profiles


    The insulation strip is the core component of the threaded insulation profile, It is a "broken bridge" in the heat transfer path of aluminum profiles to reduce the transfer of heat in the aluminum profile area. Read More

  • Knowledge about refractory windows


    Definition and characteristics of refractory windowsA refractory window is a type of window used for fire isolation and ventilation, which can prevent the spread of fire and ensure smooth evacuation routes in the event of a fire. Read More

  • Dimensions and characteristics of folding doors


    Folding doors are a common type of indoor door, characterized by the ability to fold the door panels together, making the door opening more flexible and space saving. Read More

  • Further understanding of sliding windows


    The so-called sliding window is named based on its opening method and is a widely used type of window in the modern construction industry. Read More

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