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Auxiliary Profiles

The auxiliary profiles are Glazing Bead and Steel reinforcement used with the main profiles together in the process of manufacturing UPVC Windows & Doors, as well as Coupling profiles that splices multiple UPVC Windows together.The Steel reinforcement is galvanized Steel which is added to increase the rigidity of the profiles and the stability and sealing of the whole window. Glazing Bead is for pressing and securing the glass to the sash of window & door to improve the sealing and safety performance of the whole window & door.

The steel reinforcement and Glazing Bead are essential for UPVC Windows & Doors. A Qualified UPVC Window & Door should add steel reinforcement in the four edges of the window frame or sash. Hardware cannot be installed without steel reinforcement inside casement Windows & Doors. The thickness of Steel reinforcement determines how strong and stable a window is. And the thickness of galvanizing also affect the corrosion resistance of the whole window.

The coupling profiles are used for joining together of uPVC windows & doors. It is a kind of combination form that is used when making combination window, belt window and door couplet window in production commonly. Because this kind of window is too big, too long, if do not undertake combination splicing, the strength of model steel window cannot satisfy use requirement. Splicing is generally the use of splicing strip or splicing over, splicing tube reinforcement steel, steel end is connected with the wall. Such a large, long window can be achieved through a number of small Windows. Window & door is the form that uPVC door connects with the window through splicing.